Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter, Everyone!

What a morning!
Connor woke up VERY excited about the fact that the carrot he left out for the Easter Bunny had been "chewed" and replaced with a couple of Easter Eggs!
THEN, he came out of his bedroom to discover a trail of bunny footprints leading to another stock pile of eggs and presents - and THEN followed the footprints out to the garden where he found still more eggs! We had one very happy and excited little boy!

So adorable - and such a gorgeous morning, children really do change the way you feel about these special days..... I was excited yesterday, and couldn't get to sleep, thinking about how much fun Connor would have! LOL!

This is a little Kaisercraft Train I made up for Connor, so the Easter Bunny had something to put his eggs in.

This is Connor on his egg hunt - he had the idea this year! LOL

And one very happy little boy munching on a chocolate egg - 70% Cocoa Lindt one, 'cos they are dairy free ;0)

Wishing you all a very blessed and happy Easter! Stay safe, and drive carefully if you are on the roads!